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GRASSDream Lawns is a locally owned Lincoln, Nebraska lawn care company offering Professional Lawn Care Solutions to the surrounding area. We are simply the best in Nebraska, hands down!

Our beneficial services include: mowing, fertilization, weed control, fungus control, grub control, and many other optional services.

We follow the State of Nebraska guidelines for Best Management Practices for lawn care as well as IPM (Integrated Pest Management). In addition, we use “Caution Label Control Products” (the least toxic on the market) as well as phosphorous free fertilizer around waterways.

Dream Lawns is Your Best Choice for Lawn Care in Nebraska.

SEEDERWhen choosing a lawn care company, there are many things to consider in order to make the best decision regarding your lawn. Lawn care companies are far from being “all the same”. With Dream Lawns, you’ll have the assurance that your lawn will be treated professionally with quality materials and lawn care professionals who really care about you and your lawn.

Dream Lawns utilizes state of the art equipment that assures our customers will not experience property damage but will receive the highest quality application possible.

We are Nebraska’s fastest growing locally owned lawn care company. This is because we do a better job, use better products, and keep our customers satisfied under a beyond reasonable price point. Our ability to focus on details has allowed us to grow more every year which helps our customers receive even better service and a faster response.

Our experience is why “on our side of the fence the grass IS greener”!